AGH Engineering services can be split in to five main catagories. It is always worth remembering that it is the extensive knowledge and experience that the AGH Engineering team has that sets us apart from the competition.

CNC Milling - We can machine in a wide variety of materials from plastics through to Stainless and Tool steels. Regardless of material, all components are rigrously inspected to ensure 100% quality. Always.

CNC Turning - Utilising highly accurate machine tools with full driven tooling capabilities allow for single hit machining of complicated components to tight tolerances.

Precision Assembly - To compliment the CNC shop, full assembly facilities are available to allow for finished assemblies to be shipped to clients premises.

Surface treatments - Thanks to extensive contacts within the industry, AGH Engineering can offer competitive solutions for a variety of treatments including Anodising, hardening, painting and plating.

Computer Aided Design - To compliment the machine shop, AGH Engineering can offer a full design service. Be it drawing up obsolete components ready for manufacture, assisting in the development of prototypes, or even new ideas.




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